Direct Remote Control 2

Monitor and change environmental programs

Remote Control 2 is a handheld device that lets you effortlessly and discreetly monitor and change environmental programs, and adjust the volume of sound you hear coming from the environment, or streaming to your hearing aids from a TV, PC, phone and more.

Direct TV Link 2

Direct-to-ear way to watch TV

TV Link 2 is the first direct-to-ear way to watch TV. It wirelessly streams high-quality stereo sound from your television to your hearing aids–using 2.4 GHz technology. TV Link 2 streams sound from other audio sources as well, including home stereos and PCs.

Direct Phone Link 2

Secure connection via Bluetooth®

Small and lightweight, Phone Link 2 uses 2.4 GHz technology for a secure connection between your Bluetooth® phone and your hearing instruments. Hear the phone ring in your hearing aids, even when the phone is put away in a pocket or handbag. Speak hands-free, and enjoy crisp, clear conversation in both ears. Use the mute button to eliminate background noise when you're conversing in loud surroundings.

Direct Personal Audio Link (myPAL)

Hear in noisy or crowded environments

Beltone myPAL helps you hear exactly want you want to hear in noisy or crowded environments, such as restaurants, lectures, meetings, airports and family events. A small, portable microphone, myPAL can be worn by, or placed near, a person you want to hear clearly – even from a distance. Your myPAL captures their voice and streams it directly into your hearing aids.