A comfortable transition to high quality sound

Do you prefer extra power in your hearing aids? Plus, the flexibility to make adjustments as needed? Beltone FORCE is your answer. It combines clout with control for a dynamic hearing solution.

If you require more power in your hearing aids, and enjoy comfort and control, look no farther than Beltone FORCE. Beltone's line of super-powered hearing aids uses advanced digital technology to provide that extra boost.

Unleash your power

You are not alone. There are over 300 million people around the world with considerable hearing challenges. If you happen to have a significant hearing loss, your hearing aids must deliver the right level of power so you can fully live life.

Now, there's a line of hearing aids with just the right combination of impressive power and user-friendly flexibility to let nothing stand in your way—Beltone FORCE hearing aids.

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    A comfortable transition to high quality sound

    It's easy to acclimate to Beltone FORCE hearing aids. They can be set to resemble the familiar sound of your existing instruments, and to work with your specific hearing ability. Then, the flexible nature of Beltone FORCE allows your Beltone hearing care professional to guide you through a transition period making gradual adjustments—until you experience optimum hearing.

    • Beltone FORCE helps you make the most of your hearing ability with power levels that can be set to match your individual preferences and needs. You'll enjoy:
    • A more precise fit because your Beltone hearing care professional can adjust the amplification to match your requirements
    • Feedback management that focuses on the mid-frequencies to meet the specific needs of a significant hearing loss
    • High audibility so that you always have the power you need

    Rely on it all day, every day

    You can depend on Beltone FORCE to provide the reliability you want throughout the day, every day. And, Beltone FORCE hearing aids are easy to use. They feature a sensitive telecoil that transforms your instruments into quality wireless receivers in public places, such as theaters, airports and places of worship.

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    Features & Benefits

    Features Description
    Beltone Feature Benefit
    Limited Dynamic Range Compression Correct level of amplification for all sounds
    Linear Amplification Linear amplification of all sounds
    9 Channels Clear and natural sound quality
    Multichannel Maximum Power Output (MPO) Prevents uncomfortable exposure to sudden loud sounds
    Improved Adaptive Active Feedback Cancellation (AFC) Immediate and effective prevention of squealing and echoes
    Fixed Directionality Focuses on the signal of interest in front of you
    Speech Pattern Detection (SPD) Reduces irrelevant background noise
    Analogue Volume Control Manual adjustment of volume level
    Silencer Reduced amplification for low level background noise
    Satisfaction Journal Logs data on how the hearing aid has been used
    Satisfy Gradual adjustment of amplification to the optimal level
    3 Environmental Programs Programs tailored to the situations you most often encounter
    Delayed Activation Switches on a few seconds after closing the battery door
    Notification Beeps Beeps indicate low battery level and program selection
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